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What are Exploration Games?

Exploration Games are open world and space games that let you discover and unearth secrets in the game. Play to reveal mysteries in our free online exploration games. Find out what our fun selection of the best open world games has to offer here at Silvergames.com. Explore the blocky environment of games like Minecraft or the depths of the ocean. Find useful objects to help you reach the exit to the level. Travel to distant planets and discover what lies between them in our new top games about exploring the unknown.

Our exploration games rely entirely on your curiosity, because you will need it to make it in these fun games. Dig into the depths of the earth in one of the exciting mining games or search through one of the hidden object pictures to discover every single detail. The explorer will get to the bottom of every question and every secret, no matter how well hidden, so don't give up and find out what else the virtual game world has to offer.

Games like Minecraft allow you to construct tools for survival from resources you gather. As you look for the instruments you need in the game you will find new secrets or even alien planets. Take to the ocean on an exciting adventure in our fun online exploration games for free. Every game also comes with a unique story for you to play through. Learn about the history of your characters. Puzzles, attacking enemies and so much more make our space themed games of discovery thrilling and simply awesome. Try out the addictive gameplay and fun sense of discovery in spooky dungeons and alien world. Enjoy plaing the best free exploration games online here on Silvergames.com! 

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