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What are Story Games?

Story Games are exciting adventure games in which a story is told as you move along in the game. By now games generally don't need to defend their ability to tell stories. This collection of Story Games here on is all about games that have a story to tell, and by playing them for free, without download or registration, you get to experience all the ups and downs of those stories.

There are some clear indicators that you're dealing with stories: there are characters, there is a plot that is advanced whenever the protagonists act and over the course of the narrative, things inevitably head towards a resolution or a climax. With story games the events that happen and the consequences that follow need to be reached through playing the game well. It's only by finishing a level you get to see the next chapter of the story.

Some of these games are all about finding out about things in the past, as you progress. You learn more and more about things that have already happened, as you explore and complete the game's tasks. There are many ways in which a game can tell a gripping or even touching story. So settle in for some exquisite entertainment alongside your gaming pleasure, with these story games. Find out what twist and turns the stories of the games hold in store for the intrepid gaming connoisseur. Have fun!

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