Adventure Games

What are Adventure Games?

Adventure Games are puzzle games in which your actions are part of a larger story. They are typically fun point and click games that put mental challenges before you. In them you might have to escape a room. Some need you to find a hidden object. Then there are scary games, that ask you to uncover a mystery. You will have to give your brain a serious workout to win these adventure games. Help a character survive to the end of the level. Keep them out of harm's way or complete other, complex tasks.

Many free online adventure games are suitable for kids and adults alike. They often let you take your time in figuring out your next move. Explore strange new places and outsmart your opponents. Danger and excitement await you in these fun online games. The most amazing 3D RPGs are games that are made for boys and for girls. You can have adventures shooting enemies, cooking food or riding horses in a game.

Search the woods for Slenderman, try to save your live and win all the money in Squid Games KoGaMa or guide an alien parasite through its new earthly surroundings in our fun collection of the best Adventure Games. Cool free games like Super Filly Adventure, The Adventure of Two, Space Incident and many more are available in this category. Jump, run, hide, explore, fight and do whatever it takes to survive. Have fun with our Adventure Games, online and for free on!

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