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What are Assassin Games?

Assassin Games are popular action and shooting games in which players try to eliminate each other using different kinds of weapons like guns, rifles or knives. Become a professional hired killer or just a crazy murderer and try to survive as long as possible in one of these free online assassination games. Run and hide from flying bullets or try to escape a scary maze full of deadly traps.

Assassins are trained killers who know how to handle any kind of weapon. Most of them are also excellent shooters. Want to become one of them? Check out our cool Sniper Assassin games. You can also play as Ninja Assassin and fight your opponents with bare hands using just martial arts. And when you get tired of all the brutality and blood, it's time to play a funny stickman assassin game. 

Play free assassin games online and learn how to shoot a gun accurately, save a whole stickman city or simply get rich by accomplishing one mission after another. Most of the assassination online games were inspired by such popular classics as Assassin's Creed, Sniper Team and Hitman. Have fun playing the best assassin games online on!

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