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What are Bat Games?

Bat Games are free baseball, cricket or hockey games featuring either a wooden club or scary night animals. Swing and hit every ball that comes your way to score points. In our online bat games on you can also become a batman and create your own dark army. Grab your bat and play cricket with your best friend in the 2 player mode. Take care of a baby bat or knock over all the pins with a stick in one of our batting bowling games.

Play free bat games online and control a funny ragdoll trying to hit a target right in the middle. Train your skills as a batsman and become a professional cricket player. Guide your character safely through every level killing all of the opponents with just a bat. Play as a vampire and try to solve a mystery in one of our cool puzzle games. 

Choose your player before entering a cricket or a baseball match. Control your athlete and hit the ball with the bat from various positions to beat the other team. In the best free bat and ball games online, you can use your club to defend your character or by playing sports. Control flying bats or hit the balls as hard as you can. Enjoy playing the best free bat games online here on!

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