Classic Games

What are Classic Games?

Classic Games are arcade games modeled after older video games or board games. Our top online selection of the best free classic games, here at, are a throwback to solitaire classics like Tetris, Pac-Man or Snake. Instead of fighting with complex controls, play games with a simple and intuitive concept that gets you right into the action. Fire at enemies, jump onto platforms or avoid collisions with dangerous objects.

Play our addicting new online games to get a better score or to simply exit the level in time. Solitaire video games like Snake and Pac-Man are still loved by online gamers all over the world because of their easy playability. Here you can find real classics like Minesweeper, Backgammon, Mahjong and many more. Browse through our compilation of the best classics and pick your favorite game.

Thanks to our top selection of the best free classic games you can revisit these fun and exciting challenges for free. Even Tetris can now be played as a multiplayer arcade game against international players letting you compete at the highest level. Train your reaction times and memorization skills with the hardest classic games of all time. Get ready for some classic fun with our brand new, old school games. Have fun!

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