Crashing Games

What are Crashing Games?

Crashing Games are demolition and destruction games where you destroy buildings or moveable objects like cars. Make a crash test dummy ram other vehicles at high speed. Be the crazy pilot of an airplane and bring chaos and devastation to the city. Take part on a crash derby, wreck the cars of the other drivers and try to win the race. Or simulate a plane crash in one of our free simulators here on 

Do you like explosions and the sound bursting metal? Then you need to check out our free crashing games and start destroying cars, airplanes, boats, tanks or buildings. Hop behind the steering wheel of a giant monster truck and smash other cars or join a crazy multiplayer crash derby and try to survive as long as possible. 

In our online crashing games you get rewarded for destroying cars. The more damage you cause the more points you will get. There are highscores to be beaten and money to be earned. If you want to demolish other cars or put the entire environment to total waste you need to have a strong and powerful vehicle. Or control a giant monster truck and race through a forest full of trees, hills and ramps. Constantly keep the pedal to the metal. If you break you lose, because of the big area fire behind your back.

Of course cars are not the only vehicle to smash. You can also take control over planes and tanks or simple crash into obstacles while riding your bike like in Happy Wheels. We also offer fun online car crash games for kids to play without showing any blood at all. 

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