Drag Racing Games

What are Drag Racing Games?

Drag Racing Games are fast-paced racing games in which you will be able to drive breathtaking races in sporty cars. These drag races offer you only one chance: you'll have to race across the finish line at high speed to win. The tough competition in these racing games is not for people with slow reflexes. Drag racing differs from most other types of motor racing in that it usually takes place on a relatively short and straight track.

The goal of these races is to find out which car can accelerate to its top speed in the shortest time. Often in such races two cars with souped-up machines compete against each other, almost like in a duel. In pop culture, drag racing is a frequently used motif. While most depictions of drag racing often show the seedy, more exciting but also definitely illegal side of the hobby, there are also legal ways to engage in drag racing, for example as a spectator sport for anyone with a general interest in motorsports.

So if you want to experience the rush, try out one of the drag racing games. Choose your favorite car, be it a motorcycle, a race car or even a monster truck, and race down the track to the finish. It's up to you to get the most out of your powerful machine. Have fun with this great collection of the best Drag Racing Games, as always online and free on Silvergames.com!

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