Dragon Games

What are Dragon Games?

Dragon games are flying, adventure and fighting games with mythical fire-breathing creatures. Turn into a dragon and destroy castles. Ride a winged lizard and kill people with deadly flames. Build a huge dragon online in Minecraft multiplayer sessions. Fly over a simulated city with your cool robot dragon. Be a knight and explore a dragon's lair in an epic adventure. Some of the free, new games are made for kids and show baby dragons. 

"Dungeons & Dragons" and "Game of Thrones" have dragons play key characters. No proof of these reptilian creatures actually exists. But here on Silvergames.com, they do and are ready to play! The best dragon games are waiting for you here. These flying monsters show up in fun action, shooting and adventure games. You can even find them in addicting multiplayer battle games.

Turn yourself into one of these crazy fantasy monsters. Fight the scaly lizards with different kinds of weapons and magic! Solve ancient puzzles. Enter a a massive battle and defeat your enemy with claws and fire breath. Sounds fun, right? Take care of cute baby dragons. Play as a brave knight and train a little dragon to become a dangerous monster. Compete with online players from all over the world in a cool io game. Play awesome free games like Dragon Simulator or Dragon World and start your adventure. Have fun with these top dragon games!

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