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What are Flying Games?

Flying Games are simulators and action games in which you will find yourself in lofty heights. Whether you're in an airplane, on the back of a massive dragon, in a futuristic rocket or in the body of a cute bird, here you'll find the best flying games that will let you see the world from above. There are flying cars and motorcycles that fight breathtaking battles above our heads. Play as a dragon or a superhero in these free crazy games.

In exciting online fighting games you can control planes in multiplayer modes. Be a bird, a flying horse or a dog in one of our cute flying games for kids. Bring your plane safely through strong winds and thick clouds to master each and every level. Sometimes you have to duel with other pilots or big animals in the sky. If you fall, your plane will break and you will have to start all over again. Get ready for exciting battles at enormous heights!

You can find the collection of the best flying games only here, online and for free on Play as a superhero, a dragon, a flying horse or even a fighter jet pilot and finish each level in record time. If you fail, you will plummet to infinite depths, so try hard. Get ready for addictive fun and exciting games high in the air with these free flying games, as always on!

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