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What are Golf Games?

Golf Games are club-and-ball sports games in which players are trying to get a ball into the distant hole. In fact, you have to get it into up to 18 holes with as few strokes as possible. For beginners, we have a lot of fun card and mini golf games for kids. Become a professional player and let little white balls fly over lush grass. Train your skills playing putt putt online or race with a golf cart in one of our free games. Play together with friends or online players in a free multiplayer golf game.

You can join one of the best golf clubs which are very exclusive and expensive. Your reward for spending all that money is that you get to drive around in golf carts or walk through a very luxurious park area. But you don't have to pay that much because you can play free golf games here on Swing your club online and let the ball land in the tiny hole far away. You can train the handling of putters, irons and drivers while you play the best golf games online! 

Online golf games are all about hitting the ball with the right amount of force. Aim well, swing and then hit the ball as far away as you can. Make sure not to veer too far away off course. Water hazards and sand traps are a dangerous place to lose your ball in. If it ends up there you will lose the game. One of the most famous golf players in the world is Tiger Woods. He has achieved great success on the PGA tour as well as WGT golf. For people who can't afford membership in an exclusive golf club, you can also enjoy free mini putt and golf games online. Have fun with the best free golf games!

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