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What are GTA Games?

GTA Games are multiplayer racing and shooting games inspired by the popular open world game Grand Theft Auto. Get in your car and drive around in a huge city full of crime. Start a GTA Minecraft session and play together with your best friends against other human players. Simulate exciting firefights with the police or kill zombies with shotgun and sniper rifle. No matter what your are looking for, here on you can find the best free online games like GTA 5!

It's a milestone of the open world multiplayer genre that is still the benchmark for all that came after: Grand Theft Auto. Sandbox-style gameplay has taken the world by storm and online games similar to GTA 5 are still popular. Here at you can play the best GTA games full of crime and violence online and for free. What are GTA Games? An open world invites you to do and try whatever you set your mind to. You can have shootouts and car chases with the local police, but also steal a car and race through the city streets.

A large selection of weapons and missions to use those guns in await you here. Explosions and car pile-ups are a daily occurance. Who wouldn't want to vicariously experience the life of a real gangster. Firefights in broad daylight and the glamorous rise and fall of a crime lord make GTA games stand out. So strap in, do some crime, get chased by the local authorities and maybe blow up a few things in the process as you get rich and then do it all over again. Enjoy our free GTA games that are more fun than a barrel full of monkeys. 

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