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What are Makeup Games?

Makeup Games are games about applying cosmetics to a virtual face. The free makeup games for girls here at let you use products like lip gloss, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. You can dress up Barbie and do her hair, but once you add some cosmetics for free, you can turn a plain-looking girls into a magnificent princess. Create an awesome new look for Barbie in our amazing free makeup games for kids. And if you're tired of turning Frozen's princesses into even prettier versions of themselves, why not try your hand at a boyfriend makeover?

How about you try LOL Surprise Protest, a new instalment of the cool Dress Up Who game with the beautiful dolls with huge eyes. This time, you have to help them get ready to go protesting for whatever you want them to. Help them put on some make up, choose the right hairstyle and pick the perfect outfits for this interesting occasion. If you love the Kardashians, play with Kendall Jenner, the beautiful fashion model of the well known Kardashian-Jenner clan. In this this game she is having her wedding trial and needs you to help her for makeover, makeup and finding the most breathtaking outfit. 

Don't worry, if you don't feel equipped for an extreme makeover and dress up game in a salon just yet. Our best free makeup games for girls will help you each step of the way. Give a young girl a new hairstyle to get ready for Halloween. Lend celebrities a hand with their amazing fresh look for the next showing at the red carpet. Our top fun makeup games for girls will let you look at realistic faces in a whole new light. Have fun playing our fun collection of Makeup Games online and for free on!

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