Maze Games

What are Maze Games?

Maze Games are puzzle and sometimes running games where the player has to find the exit of a labyrinth. Try to find your way out of a scary maze. Survive in a 3d minecraft maze filled with zombies and monsters. Control a marble by gravity and roll the ball through a network of paths. Or play a funny and relaxing mouse labyrinth puzzle game for kids. What is your favorite free online game?

A maze is a path or collection of paths usually from an entrance to an exit. The paths and walls are typically fixed but in some of the games they can change their position during the game to make a walkthrough more complicated. All you have to do is to start at one point and find a route through the labyrinth.There are different types of mazes: Ball maze puzzles, in which players have to navigate a ball, maze runner, 3d and logic maze games.

So what are you waiting for? Choose one of these free online maze games and start solving various puzzles right now. Here you will find cool maze games with different gameplays for kids and adults. It's not always just about getting through, there are also a lot of obstacles, scary enemies, assassins and deadly traps waiting for you inside the labyrinth. So try to think logically and guide your character (a stickman, a ninja, a mouse, different monster and other) or take part in breathtaking uphill racing in a waterpark. Have fun with our maze games!

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