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What are Platform Games?

Platform Games, also called platformer, are simplistic-styled action games that includes many platforms to jump and run on. Depending on the game you are playing it may be tricky to reach the next floor, sometimes you even might have to solve riddles, climb or change the gravity to move on. As long as you are standing on a platform your character is safe, but if you fall off the edge you will probably die and have to start all over. The most important button in free platform games is the jump key. Jumping or flying is extremely necessary to reach upcoming floors since there are gaps between them. To move forward you have to control your character whether it's walking, running, sliding, driving or flying. Most of our online platform games use the arrow keys or WASD to move around, some even support mobile devices.

In Cluster Truck, a 3D-styled platform game, you have to jump from truck to truck and try to reach the finish line as fast as possible without falling to the ground and get smash by the huge vehicles. The most popular multiplayer and 1 player platformers on are Vex, Happy Wheels, G-Switch, Run 3 and Fireboy & Watergirl. These games are super fast and demand quick reactions. You won't have much time to overthink your moves so try to get into the flow.

The first platform games are originated in the early 1980s and were limited to single screen movements. Famous Donkey Kong, a true classic retro game, was such a single screen game. Video game character Mario had to jump and climb platforms to reach the top and rescue the princess. Couple of years later scrolling movements were implemented in the the games. A good example is Exit Path. This 2D jump and run game takes your tiny stickman character through a parkour of dangerous rooms and floors full of obstacles and traps. Your mission is to escape this hell as fast as possible without dying by running, jumping and sliding through each stage. Much fun with our compilation of the best Platform Games on!

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