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What are Police Games?

Police Games are racing and shooting games where you play as a policeman who chases criminals. Grab your gun, get into your police car and chase dangerous thugs. In our free police games you have to protect your city from crime and villainy. Play cops and robbers online like you did as a kid. Jump on your police motorcycle and and start driving through the streets. Try our free police car parking and racing games in 3D and be part of the police force. Use your helicopter to fly around and chase murderer. 

Some online police games and driving simulators feature the police heavily. You may be driving a police truck, or flying a helicopter to get away from the fuzz. The fun thing is, you can often use stunt driving to escape. Sometimes the only challenge is parking your car in the city, without making any cops angry. They are sure to chase you away, if you ignore parking regulations. Play some cool online games, where you explore a 3D city on you motorcycle or in your police car. Drive over ramps, turn on your siren and chase away robber and murderer. Like most car games, you will lose points if you hit somebody with your car that you really shouldn't have.

Many free driving simulators and racing games let you play with bikes, cars and trucks with that typical police look. Hardly any car games or racing simulators can do without the police. They might be your rivals eager to take you down. They might be unlockables you get for getting a high score. Either way you will see them in the game often. They are always a good reminder that any lessons you might take from this games, should be considered carefully in real life. You can play all kinds of stunts in a game. But when you are behind the wheel of a real car, it is not the same.

Police games are so enjoyable, because they speak to the kid in all of us. They let us play as a figure of authority and respect. All while we get to experience exciting adventures and do the right thing. Part of the appeal of these police games is that you get to catch bad guys and put them in jail. Take on the role of a policeman in a fun game of cops & robbers. Play an action-packed single-player campaign against the criminal underworld in your hometown. Grab them before they cause harm. A criminal on the run can be a very dangerous and harmful individual, after all. You need to pay close attention to make sure they are caught, before the endanger other citizens.

While you may not always be a character in uniform, you can usually steer a police bike through the streets. Keep an eye out for suspicious characters. If they commit a crime, you need to make sure you catch them before they escape. Police car driving can be one of the most exciting parts of a cop. When you are in hot pursuit of a thief, you need to drift tightly around corners. That is the only way to catch up with them and stop them. An exciting chase can also cause a lot of collateral damage. Make sure that your police car doesn't crash into the cars of innocent bystanders.

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