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What are Quiz Games?

Quiz Games are knowledge and guessing games where you have to answer questions correctly. Answer fun questions of the impossible quiz and win the grand prize. Find the right logos, match emojis or play some relaxing quiz games for kids. Here on Silvergames.com you can find the most addicting online quiz games your have ever played. Whether math, movies or food we have a quiz for every topic!

You don't always have the luxury to be on TV and answer "Who wants to be a millionaire?". But if you want to test your knowledge with clever and tricky questions, our free quiz games are the right way to go about it. Board games like Trivial Pursuit have popularised the idea, that trivia knowledge is a sign of great intelligence. The question-and-answer genre was temporarily revived with fun games like You Don't Know Jack. 

Free online quiz games allow us to prove our knowledge or collect meaningless facts for people's amusement. So if you're not worried coming across as a know-it-all or egghead among your friends, our list of the best quiz games will provide you with plenty of fun. From here you can graduate to puzzle games or take a sharp left into brain games.

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