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What are School Bus Games?

School Bus Games are driving games where players take the role of a bus driver and deliver kids safely to school. In online bus driving games, you will also have to drive fast and overcome plenty of obstacles on your way without crashing into the other cars and objects on the way to school. You can also take part in online bus races. Choose one of these amazing free school bus parking games or bus games for kids and have fun!

Everybody knows these big yellow buses from everyday trips to schoolhouse or from American movies. The cheese wagon is special type of a bus which is used to transport students from and to school or related activities. Vehicles for student transport are used in many countries in the world but mostly in North America. The most common type of these student buses is a single decker long yellow bus. 

Driving such a huge vehicle full of noisy kids is not an easy job. A driver has to pick up every student near his or her house right on time, this means he has to drive fast and find a perfect place near each house to park the school bus. Enjoy our best School Bus Games online and for free on!

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