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What are Search Games?

Search Games are puzzle and word games in which you need to find a specific piece or item in a very crowded picture. Our free online collection of only the best and most fun search games, here at, has something for girls and boys of all ages. Face challenges that aren't easily solved by asking google. Instead you will have to search the screen for hints to the thing you are looking for. Only by picking the right object or combination will you solve our top challenges and advance to the next level.

Search games are similar to hidden object games, often consisting of a large-scale image that shows countless different elements, figures and actions in one picture. Due to the many details, the brain is visually overwhelmed and forced to look at the details one by one, which is a real challenge, especially for impatient players. Do you think you will be able to recognize even the smallest detail without losing track of it? Just start looking and find out.

Our fun online search games are free, which is helpful since they are so incredibly addictive. Before long you will be stuck with our brainburners and searching for a clue to complete your task. Pay close attention to your surroundings and search under every object in case you've missed something. Find all the pieces of a puzzle, guess the right words or scan the picture for a specific shape or color. Your cursor is your best ally in our confounding new search games. Make sure to try our top new games for girls and boys that are based on google searches. Have fun!

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