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What are Simulator Games?

Simulator Games are games that imitate usual or dangerous situations digitally. They can be about driving a truck or a bus. You might find yourself in a simulated airplane in flight. You may even be dealing with life and death in battle, surgery or business. Our free online simulator games are fun and addictive like few others. Here at you can also enjoy the quiet life and go for the best farming and animal simulators. All of our online simulators are completely free and you can play them online anytime. 

Simulator Games are one of the most popular video games categories. These games allow players to experience various real life activities without ever leaving the comfort of your home. For the most part, there is neither a goal nor competition in the game. Users simply control their sims and try to survive in a virtual world. The first simulation games were released in the mid-80s and soon became popular all over the world. First simulators had names like Sim City, BMX Simulator and Pro Boxing Simulator.  Nowadays, there are many more different simulators like medical simulator games, car building games, animal simulator games and so on.

The most played simulator games are arguably Farming Simulators. Here you get to play the role of a happy farmer. You have to take care of your cows and chickens, harvest crops and sell vegetables on the local market. Your can simulate the life of an animal in the wilderness. Fly around in a fast jet or an old biplane in one of our airplane simulation games. Build, repair and drive a car. Or simulate the daily life of a famous youtuber. All this and more is waiting for you in our free simulation games. 

In our selection of the best simulator games, you will be able to take on some of the most challenging tasks known to man. Like not crapping your pants. Or how to wait in line. And of course rampaging through a city in the guise of a dinosaur, destroying property and eating humans, if you're hungry. Or just take a cooking class. You know, the usual stuff. There may even be some games that simulate something wacky like flying an airplane. Time management, simulator, puzzle, and adventure games. All these and many more cool online games are here for you to play!

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