Skateboard Games

What are Skateboard Games?

Skateboard games are free stunt and driving games that use skateboards. Like in snowboarding, you will be surfing through an obstacle course. Tracks in our online skateboard games on are filled with ramps and half-pipes. Send your stickman flying, like Tony Hawk or show off an ollie in a freestyle skating. Perform as many cool stunts, flips and tricks as possible. Try to become the best by leaving all your opponents behind.

A skateboard is is a type of sports equipment used primarily for the sport of skateboarding.Move your skateboard by pushing it with one foot while the other remains on the board. Play free skateboard games online and race on a longboard and electric skateboard. Become a professional skateboarder and perform tricks. Master the most popular stunts like kickflip, slides and grinds and many others.

You can even try skateboarding for kids, known as finger skating. In our online skateboard games for free, you can select a skater, perform incredible stunts and become the real champion. So put on your knee caps and helmet, and start gaining speed. Rush through the levels, earn money to improve your equipment and fulfill objectives to grab that high score.

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