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What are Stunt Games?

Stunt Games are a subgenre of racing games where you drive cars, bikes or motorcycles across a challenging track to show off your stunt skills. Our free fun games let you race a dirt bike into a loop or speed off a ramp. The more extreme your stunt, the more points it will score you. Show off your courage and daring by making incredible leaps and fancy tricks in the air. You may have to crash your car a couple of times in the process. The free games here at are made to be played over and over again.

Stunts are such a dangerous undertaking that in movies they are usually performed by stuntmen or stuntwomen who are specially trained to do them. A professional stunt does exactly so much that it looks spectacular, but does not pose a danger to life. However, in the virtual world of the best stunt games you can dare as much as you want, if you die you can just try again. So give it your all and try to perform the most fascinating stunts.

Stunts are extraordinary feats of skill performed for an adoring audience. They involve big risks and can result in physical harm. Driving stunts are a staple of action films and TV shows. So get the adrenaline pumping with extreme speeds. Laugh in the face of danger and set out to get the high score. Deliver the most mind-bogglingly crazy stunt imaginable in your car, truck, bike or even airplane. Enjoy playing the best online Stunt Games here on!

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