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What are Test Games?

Test games are knowledge or reaction games designed to find a player's limits. In our fun new online test games, here at Silvergames.com, your typing and driving skills will be challenged. Will you pass the IQ test or have to repeat it again, as the idiot test? How clever are you really? If all else fails, maybe you will find happiness passing the love test instead? Sooner or later there will come a time when everyone of us will be tested. Either because we've taken a course or because we have this weird rash on our forearms. The great selection of best free test games here are a great collection of funny ideas, cute graphics and playful challenges.

Test games generally do very little but put you in front of a typing racing game, some quick reaction challenge or just ask you some simple questions to figure out just how much you know about one topic or another. Yet, they have this undeniable draw to them, where you just want to play for five more minutes. Beat that next challenge, get past that next obstacle, answer that next question. And before you know it, you've spent the better part of an hour just answering and reacting to all kinds of things.

So what better time to maybe try some of the love and brain test games in this category as well? Find your soulmate based entirely on their name! These and more funny and entertaining challenges can be found in this category of free games. It's just a great trove of fun for you to unpack!

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