Truck Games

What are Truck Games?

Truck Games are driving games and parking games in which players have to take control of one of many different heavy road vehicles and complete challenging missions. Get behind the wheel of a cool monster truck or save lives driving a fire truck in one of these cool online games. Truck games also include such tasks as transporting goods or move disabled cars with a virtual tow truck. 

Anyone can be a driver for a fancy sports car when the roads are empty, but racing with a big truck is way more fun! Sometimes that means you have to drive cargo over rocky roads. Sometimes you have to park your big truck in a small space without hitting small cars. And a parking lot can be awfully small for a 16 or 18 wheeler. Can you drive a monster truck without flattening the cars around you and perform cool stunts? You can practice parking and driving with our free truck games for kids!

Thanks to our free truck games, you can become a truck driver with a click on a button. Pick a truck simulator game to play and start off road racing. Steep roads and exciting gameplay are waiting for you. You can try your hand at monster truck racing or play a simple driving simulator online. Find out what it feels like to drive a mud or a pickup truck through an impressive 3D environment and you too will be able to call yourself a trucker. Enjoy playing the best online truck games on!

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