Boxing Games

What are Boxing Games?

Boxing games are fighting games where players punch each other. Awesome 2 player video games for kids let you play as a real boxer, a kick boxing girl or even a robot. Win the championship prize playing as a stickman boxer. Try our crazy exciting multiplayer brawl games and beat the time limit. Join the fun playing free fighting games online here at

In boxing games two boxers are fighting each other using their fists. Boxing is a sport that is often played in a ring. You can win a boxing match by knockout or by socring more points than your opponent. After 12 rounds a match is over and judges award scores to determine a winner. Only the best boxing players will make it to the top. Exciting multiplayer matches let you go up against players from all over the world.

Play successful boxers and beat each other up, until one of you falls over unconconscious. Online fighting video games let you relive all the glory of punching strangers for points. Win enough boxing matches to become the ultimate champion. Enjoy these free online punching games here at

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