Fighting Games

What are Fighting Games?

Fighting Games are action games about combat, martial arts and bloody duels. Take part in exciting tournaments where you can kick, punch or even kill your opponent. Be stickman or robot, ninja or superhero and let fire-breathing dragons competing against each other. You can play against computer or choose one of our free 2 player fighting games and play together with friends. The best and most popular online fighting games are waiting for you to play!

A bloody fighting game depicts combat between a set number of fighters. The fighters can be stickmen, robots, ninjas, pokemons or superheroes. Players compete against each other until they defeat their opponent or the timer runs out. Typical 2 player fighting games are Street Fighter, Tekken and Mortal Combat. A boxer or a wrestler, a sword fighter or a battle mech, here you can be whoever you want to. Our free fighting games usually feature special moves that animated fighters use to attack their opponent. Learn how to do a perfect hook and uppercut and become an ultimate fighting champion.

Enough sparring and blocking, it is time open a can of whup-ass and show the world who's the best martial artist alive. Dive into the most challenging online fighting games there are. All you have to do is to pick out a game and the next exciting tournament is only a click away. You can also choose between a single-player or 2 player mode, where you can play together with a friend. Enjoy playing the best free online fighting games here on!

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