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What are Cooking Games?

Cooking Games let you prepare food like pizza, cupcakes or cookies in a timed, dexterity game. Take on the role of a chef in a new restaurant and create tasty dishes. Flip amazing pancakes or bake home-made cookies in the kitchen for the girls. You don't need to follow a lot of complicated steps or difficult culinary moves. In fact, making food is a simple sequence of actions as these free online games prove. Thanks to you will find only the top online cooking games here, full of crazy new ideas.

With the addition of a time limit you can play at being a renowned chef at a burger restaurant or diner. Pick up your customers' orders in and get right to work. Some customers may want delicious cupcakes, others might prefer a crunchy pizza with pineapples. Or maybe you want to bake sugary dessert instead? From sweet to savoury, these cooking games will definitely help you broaden your taste palette. Cool games such as Papa's Donuteria, Cooking Show, Papa's Pastaria and many more are waiting for you to play!

Cooking games show that preparing food is an easy to understand process. You only need to follow a handful of simple steps and you will be rewarded with a delicious meal. Keep wowing your hungry customers with cupcakes, cookies and ice cream and you'll be hailed as the new dessert chef before you know it. Baking can be a wonderfully fulfilling experience, provided you're good at time management or multitasking. Your burger joint or pizza palace needs you to handle multiple tasks at the same time. Only then will you be able to get your delicious dish out in front of your customers. Stop licking your lips in anticipation of a soft and creamy dessert, and dive into these free, online cooking games right now.

If you're now dreaming of dunking cookies into your bucket of ice cream, then you're probably on the hook for these cooking games. But there is so much more that you can explore in this category here. Try your hand at running a quaint little cake shop or a hip and cool burger joint. Are you salivating at the thought of a sizzling American hot dog in your hand right now? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and turn that into the inspiration for a new tasty dish. Bake scrumptious cookies here or any other delicious dessert you're in the mood for. Games like Penguin Diner will let you customize and decorate your very own restaurant. Make sure that the time you've spent as a cook is memorable and a pleasant experience for all your customers! Have fun with these free cooking games!

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