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What are Tennis Games?

Tennis Games are arcade and sports about quick reactions and good aim. In our top selection of the best online tennis games, here at, you get to hit felt balls for free and score points to win the set. If you don't like the outdoors nature of tennis, try some new table tennis instead. The idea is the same, you just have to hit the small plastic ball and land it on the table.

Our fun online tennis games are suitable for kids and adults alike. Win matches against international sports stars with big heads and take home the championship. Most free tennis games are won by playing multiple matches. In each one you face a new opponent on the court and try to hit balls past them to score points, or sets as they are called. Play backhands, forehands and serves to keep the other player on the move.

For a particularly awesome game of tennis, try the big head variants that's especially fun for kids. Start your training and play against the best international superstars until you manage to win a grand slam. Here at you will find the most fun Tennis Games the Internet has to offer - as always online and free, so what are you waiting for? Have fun!

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