Animal Games

What are Animal Games?

Animal Games are free hunting and simulation games with wild animals and pets. Shooting deers or taking care of cute baby animals on a farm, here you will find cool online games for everyone. Play an animal yourself and start fighting for survival. Become a doctor to rescue cute puppies or kittens. Play animal racing games for kids and drive as fast as possible to the nearest shelter. We also have flying horses and other magical creatures to play with in online and multiplayer modes.

Plenty of different animals inhabit the world of online games. From birds to reptiles, they all need your help to get through challenging levels. Breeding cows or killing ducks, decide what game suits you better and start playing. Escape from huge dinosaurs and fire breathing dragons or dress up pony. Our simulator games with animals will provide you with a lot of fun.

Nowadays you can see different kinds of creatures in the national parks and reserves, at the zoo, in the circus or just in the wild nature. Such animals as puppies, cats, hamsters or parrots people usually keep as pets. Sheep and pigs and other domestic animals provide us with meat and dairy products. So create your own farm and become rich selling all kinds of goods in the best animal games. Choose one of these free animal games and open your own dolphin show. These and much more funny gameplays are waiting for in our amazing animal games. Interact and play with your furry little friends anytime you want. Much fun!

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