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What are Helicopter Games?

Helicopter Games are action flying games in which players can become a pilot and fly across the sky. The most challenging and exciting online flying games of all time, featuring the rotorcraft machines everybody knows and loves. Fly in one of many choppers or choose an army helicopter and shoot rockets to protect your country in one of our free helicopter shooting games.

A heli is an aircraft that employs multiple propellers to allow it to take off and land vertically. Especially in urban areas helicopters are used for emergency transport by the police, firefighters or hospitals. Fly a virtual police helicopter and rescue people on every level. In the best helicopter games like Apache: Air Assault, Drone Simulator, Helicops and many more helicopter flight simulator games you can become a professional pilot and accomplish exciting missions.

So strap into the cockpit of your favourite heli simulator, rescue people, manage the landing strip of a busy airport or simply fly some fun army missions and destroy military targets. Our online helicopter games need a daring, dashing pilot to set a new high score. Build new towns and cities with construction helicopters and let Seahawks, Sky Guardians or Apaches help you. Enjoy playing the best free helicopter games here on Silvergames.com!

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