Horse Games

What are Horse Games?

Horse Games are free animal simulator games in which players can ride a virtual horse or become one themselves. Take part in horse racing and start running and jumping over hurdles. In our online horse games, you can take care of your stallion in the stable. Buy cute outfits for a baby horse or a pony in one of these fun games for girls. Try to survive on the farm or in the wild minecraft world full of rivals.

Play our best horse games online and control a magical unicorn. Go horseback riding and take care of the cute baby ponies. Put on your riding helmet and with a wild mustang. Try to survive in the wilderness in our realistic 3D horse simulator. Our free horse games allow players to become a stallion and experience exciting adventures.

So giddy up, hold the reins tight and gallop across the tracks. You can also suspect a race and try to win some money placing bets. Our online horse games will provide you with everything you need to appreciate the speed, power and poise of the mares and stallions. Free games for boys and girls are waiting for you on

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