Parkour Games

What are Parkour Games?

Parkour Games are sports games where everything centers around running, jumping and climbing. Show your ninja skills in a crazy 3D multiplayer parkour where you run with players from all over the world. Be a quick stickman and finish a deadly obstacle course like in the popular Vex series. You love the danger? Run like lightning on a risky path full of zombies and try to survive!

Parkour is also known as free running and refers to a form of obstacle course, without a clearly delineated track. Instead you can move about freely, jump, climb, slide or duck to get past obstacles. As a kind of challenging inner-city competitive running, Parkour has found a lot of young supporters. It has even inspired some ideas in computer games like Mirror's Edge and Assassin's Creed.

If you now feel the need for speed, are missing the noise of the city or simply want to race, these parkour games are the place to be. Not least of all because they are free. Here you can find the best and most entertaining free running games the internet has to offer. Enjoy Vex, Run 3, Lucky Life and many more cool online games here at!

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