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What are Monster Games?

Monster Games are action and adventure games about terrifying beasts. In this fun category players can hunt and fight horrible and imaginary creatures. But you can also grab your guns, climb the big wheels of your monster truck and hunt down zombies. Let monsters and machines compete against each other in exciting 2 player online battles. Turn yourself into a fearless monster buster fighting dangerous, freaky animals. But not all ugly creatures are evil. Examples include Shrek, Elmo and cute, little Pokemon animals or anyone enrolled in Monster High or Monsters University. You might want to play some crazy card games with a cute cookie monster, instead.

You will need courage to fight against the biggest and scariest monsters in the world in our free online games. Our wide selection of games has top titles like Monster Hunter, DOOM 3, Dragon Simulator and many more. You will find fun multiplayer games about legendary creatures in both genres: action and shooting. Load your sniper rifle and kill every beast until blood is all that is left. 

A monster is any creature that produces fear or physical harm by its appearance or actions. Monstrosity appears in a lot of horror films, comics, TV series, video games and science-fiction books. Well-known beasts in fiction are Dracula, werewolves, mummies, and zombies. Movie theatres made monstrous creatures like Godzilla, T-Rex and King-Kong very popular. Choose one of our free monster games and take control of these scary creatures. Destroy an entire city or guide monsters through challenging levels and help them survive. Whichever game you choose, hours of fun are guaranteed. Good luck with our great collection of the best Monster Games, online and for free on!

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