Ninja Games

What are Ninja Games?

Ninja Games are fighting and running games about sneaky warriors dressed in black. Control a squad of stickman ninjas and fight against enemy armies. Run through a challenging parkour and overcome obstacles like a ninja warrior. Start an online multiplayer session and play together with your best friends in a team of ninja turtles. Our free ninja games are full of exciting adventures for kids and adults alike.

Ninjas originated in feudal Japan, but have since become popular characters all over the world. They are known as deadly fighters with secret powers. Often dressed in dark overalls, they keep their faces covered and hidden. They are also known as shinobi and are the stars in fighting games like Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja and free apps like Fruit Ninja.

Many fun ninja games have used them as powerful heroes or faceless minions who attack the player. They often use shuriken or katanas. They are not often portrayed accurately, but they are still a lot of fun to watch. Are you in the mood for some stealthy action, sneaky attacks from the shadows or thrilling fights on tiled roofs? Run, jump, fight, kill - you can't go wrong with our cool online ninja games.

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