Offroad Games

What are Offroad Games?

Offroad Games are racing or riding games where you drive a vehicle on unsurfaced roads or paths. Start the engine of your 4x4 truck and show everybody your off-road driving skills. Take part in exciting multiplayer desert races and jump with jeep or dirt bike over the sand dunes. No mountain is too steep, no path too dirty for a crazy experienced driver like you. Take your mud truck off the trodden path and take to the wilderness. Thanks to these free online car games here at everybody can be an Off-roader. 

Free offroad games are literally about driving off the road and into the untamed terrain of nature. Pit the fury of your car's engine against muddy, sandy and rocky ground. Push the large, heavy-set wheels of your all-terrain vehicle onto a path that doesn't really want to be driven on. Races often take on the features of an extreme motorsport. That's because of the effort involved in getting your vehicle out of difficult terrain and towards the finish line. These fun, exciting games and mudding simulators will give you the thrill of adventurous driving.  Thankfully without having to deal with all the dirt, dust and sludge that usually comes with it. Experience adventure and madness in these free online games with your favourite 4x4, dirt bike or truck!

So what are you waiting for? Strap in, wipe the sweat off your brow and let the engines roar! Leave the safe confines of the road behind and hurtle towards adventure! Pick your favourite game from this category and let's go! Or play every one of them to get a real taste of what cool online offroad games can offer!

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